Ask Dr. Chris Meletis, N.D., Health Column

Seasonal Digestive Issues

Q.  My digestive system seems to change along with the seasons.  Is it my imagination, or what might be going on, and what can I do?

A.  You are quite astute with your observation of the changing seasons impact on GI health.  Regardless of where you live, seasonal changes in the environmental pollen counts can wreak havoc your digestive system.  The impact of cross-reactivity between certain foods and pollens is very real when it comes to your digestive tract, and it begins in the mouth. Certain foods become less favorable depending on your unique chemistry and the strength of your immune system.  Click here > to read more.

Natural Herbs for Indigestion

Q.  I occasionally get indigestion when I eat certain foods that don’t “agree” with me and I just don’t want to give up.  Are there natural herbs that might help my digestion and possibly lessen symptoms?

A.  It is the rare person that has the proverbial “iron gut.” Many of my patients use Ginger and Bitters to help aid in digestion. Both have long been used traditionally to nurture and encourage better digestion. Ginger has been popularly used for nausea and upset stomach, and even at times for motion sickness. Many people forget that Ginger has also been studied for its benefits as a natural prebiotic to support friendly probiotic growth in the GI tract.  Click here > to read more.

About Dr. Meletis

Dr. Chris Meletis, N.D., has 24-years of experience practicing as a Naturopathic Doctor in Portland, Oregon.  He is dedicated to using his vast knowledge about alternative medicine to help his patients and generously give to those in need. He has written over a dozen books and 100's of national articles, and was named Naturopathic Physician of the Year in 2003 by the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians.  He has started 16 community clinics that provide care for uninsured families and the poor, offering pure naturopathic to fully integrated medicine. 

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