Oregon's Wild Harvest Promotions March 2019

Our Roots

Since the beginning of our time on this beautiful planet, life has been stressful.

Throughout history one simple, holistic and all-natural way of addressing our health and wellness has remained constant. Whole herbs.  This is why we're committed to ensuring that our whole, certified organic and biodynamic herbal supplements are of the highest quality, potency and purity.  Plus, they're scientifically tested by a 3rd-party lab. Which is good news for your health and the planet.

Pam and Randy, Co-Founders and Owners

Oregon's Wild Harvest 25th Anniversary Change for Change with Climate Collaborative

Oregon's Wild Harvest Demeter Certified Biodynamic Herbal Tonics

Change for Change

We’re celebrating 25-years of healing people and the planet by supporting the Climate Collaborative’s efforts to help reverse climate change. 

For the next year, every time a Biodynamic herbal is tonic sold, we’ll donate 25-cents to climate action. Each tonic is made with herbs grown on our farm using regenerative agricultural practices, which pulls carbon into the soil where it belongs. Just another reason to discover our tonics. You buy, we give! Shop now >

We just got greener!

Providing the highest quality products has always been our number one goal and mission.  Starting now, you'll be receiving some of our encapsulated products in 100% recyclable glass bottles.  We recognize the impact of all plastic on the environment and we want to be a part of the solution.

Plus, our labels will now wear the badge "Verified Non-GMO Ingredients" on the front panel.  Our Non-GMO certification has been provided by SGS, an independent, third-party lab.  SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, and recognized as a global benchmark for quality and integrity.

Also during this transition, we've chosen a Non-GMO, bovine gelatin capsule that is approved for use with organic products by the USDA National Organic Program.  This allows us to continue to offer you the cleanest supplements, made with ingredients certified organic by Oregon Tilth.

Oregon's Wild Harvest New Glass Capsule Bottles

Oregon's Wild Harvest Non-GMO, Organic Lion's Mane Plus capsules

Try our new brain formula,
Lion's Mane Plus

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Oregon's Wild Harvest Nexty Award Winner for Biodynamic Herbal Tonics

2017 Nexty Award-Winning Biodynamic Tonics

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Oregon's Wild Harvest Better Nutrition Awards Winner Stress Guard

2017 Better Nutrition Supplements Awards Winner

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