Our single-herb encapsulated supplements are made with freshly milled, Non-GMO, certified organic whole herbs, processed in small batches for optimum potency and freshness. No fillers. Nothing extra. Just pure, whole herbs in 100% vegetarian Plantcaps® capsules.

The herbal formulas blend the strength and complementary therapeutic properties of carefully selected botanicals to help support specific health goals. The whole of an herbal formula is designed to be stronger than the individual active components working alone. This is called "potentiation," or reinforcement, in Traditional Chinese Medicine and shows our commitment to combining ancient practices with new scientific knowledge.

*Plantcaps® are 100% vegan and made of pullulan.  Pullulan is a natural, water soluble and non-GMO material made from polysaccharides, which are complex carbohydrates of high molecular weight and are often found in many plants.  These capsules provide the strongest barrier to preserve freshness, in comparison to gelatin or other vegetarian capsules.  They are free of starch, gluten and preservatives, and are quick-dissolving.

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