Whole Plant Philosophy

The whole herb has everything you need.

Throughout history, one simple, holistic way of addressing our health and wellness has remained constant: whole herbs. Which is why we use whole, certified organic and biodynamic herbs to make our products.

Whole Plant Philosophy.  Mother Nature knows best.

Whole herbs are filled with potential, especially when they’re fresh. Which is why we grow, harvest and process only the most potent parts of the plant at just the right time. By hand. In small batches.

By focusing on the most active part of the whole plant, there’s no need to standardize the herb, which typically involves gases and chemicals. Mother Nature knows exactly what’s she doing. A whole herb supplement is already balanced with the most potent part of the herb and its supportive constituents.

We, as a society, have lost our connection with the plants, the universe and they cycles of life that influence our everyday life.  Mother Nature misses us.  It is important that we regain that connection with Mother Nature, the plant world and the universe around us.  Without the connection, our future well-being could be lost forever.

Think about it this way. If you were given the choice between handcrafted, organic whole grain bread or refined white bread, you’d choose the grainy, chewy whole wheat bread because it still contains all the good nutrients. Whole herbs work the same way. Providing your body with thousands of active and inactive plant constituents through a safe and naturally balanced delivery system entirely free of chemicals.

Oregon's Wild Harvest Whole Plant Philosophy

Bottled herbs.  As fresh as the day they were picked.

Just like children, seeds grow.  They become plants with feelings, personalities and inner strength. Care for them properly and they will return the favor.  Timing is everything.  Our plants are picked at the peak of potency and are stored in the whole form to retain more of the active constituents within the plant.  The whole plant is then milled moments prior to use. Just like freshly ground coffee beans.  Aromatic, fresh and potent.


We say NO to GMOs. 

Here’s the thing. Certified organic and biodynamic whole herb supplements are Non-GMO, naturally. However Non-GMO alone does not mean the product is organic. It doesn’t go both ways. Which is why we grow and procure only the finest certified organic and biodynamic herbs. Nature doesn’t require genetic modification and neither do we. 

In addition, whole means unaltered.  The whole herb does not need to be standardized with gases and chemicals. It contains a balance of constituents working together to create perfect harmony just as nature intended.

We say no, so you can say yes.

All of our organic herbal powders and capsules are confirmed Non-GMO by OMIC USA, Inc., an independent, ISO certified analytical laboratory.  We're happy to offer our customers this additional level of testing.

As a certified organic company and grower since 1994, we've always been confident in the integrity of our practices and testing from seed to bottle - no GMOs, ever! We now guarantee that with both in-house and third-party testing.


Oregon's Wild Harvest No List

Gluten Free.  What is gluten?  Why go gluten-free?  

You don't have to be in a grocery store for more than a few minutes before you notice "gluten-free" on all the packaging. It seems everyone is trying to avoid gluten. But what is gluten? And what has people fleeing from it?

Gluten is a set of proteins found in wheat, rye and barley. Most people have no trouble digesting these proteins. But for some, the consequences of ingesting gluten run the gamut from mild sensitivity with digestive issues to severe inflammation of the intestines and an immune response that prevents the absorption of crucial nutrients. Who wants that?

Herbs are naturally gluten-free which makes it easy for us to put our GF stamp on almost every bottle. Even the capsules we use. No allergens here. Our products are clearly labeled. You're safe.

Naturally Standardized.  Harvesting for potency.

Potency is at the heart of everything we do. Mother Nature is our guide. She’s a marvelous creature fully capable of doing the job without any synthetic help from us. In turn, there’s no need to use a chemical standardization process to create a high level of compound potency.

Whole plants are the key.

The most potent part of the plant is harvested at peak of activity.  For example, St. John’s Wort buds are harvested early in the morning, before the sun reaches the horizon, on a specific day of the year determined by our biodynamic farming calendar. Nurture your nature and it will return the favor. No chemicals or standardizing procedures necessary.


Oregon's Wild Harvest Naturally Standardized Organic, Biodynamic St. John's Wort buds


Our Guiding Principles

We guarantee high-quality herbs. We grow many of our herbs on our farms using USDA Organic and Demeter Certified Biodynamic® farming practices.  We  have trusted suppliers who we turn to for ingredients that cannot be grown in Oregon.

We guarantee source and identity. Our herbs begin with certified organic and Non-GMO seed.  All of our raw materials are DNA tested to confirm true genus and species.

We guarantee potency and purity. We strive to deliver supplements that offer the highest naturally occurring levels of plant activity, from fresh, organic whole herbs.

We guarantee consistency.  Our manufacturing standards and practices exceed the requirements set forth by our certifiers and industry regulations including Oregon Tilth, USDA Organic and Demeter Certified Biodynamic®. 

We test, then test again. Comprehensive quality assurance testing on all our herbal products, from seed to finished supplement.

We deliver highly concentrated, organic liquid herbal extracts. Our herbs are processed in organic, pharmaceutical-grade alcohol, free from gluten and allergens.

We use custom drying methods and controlled storage. Temperature-controlled, flat bin drying is customized for each fresh plant to preserve their medicinal value. The freshly dried material is stored in temperature-controlled rooms, in a whole form, for maximum potency retention.

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