People & Planet

Our Planet.

We're all in this together.

Growing and manufacturing herbal supplements reminds us every day just how precious our planet is.  Giving back is our way of demonstrating that love.

Big Steps.  Small Footprint.

Running a business takes up a lot of space and uses a lot of energy. Here’s what we’ve been doing every day for years to keep our impact to a minimum.

  1. Clean Wind Green Tag Energy provides 90,302 pounds of CO2 offset. This equates to approximately 100,313 automobile miles NOT driven or 5,406 trees planted annually.
  2. 100% recycling of all plastic, glass, cardboard, and paper.
  3. We use #1 recycle level BPA-Free PET plastic bottles for our capsules because #1 plastic bottles are among the easiest to recycle nationwide.
  4. 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper for all inter-office paper material.
  5. 100% non-GMO, organic seed saving.
  6. We’re 110% for saving the bees. Over 10% of our farm habitat is dedicated to bee keeping.
  7. Salmon-Safe works to keep our urban and agricultural watersheds clean enough for native salmon to spawn and thrive.
  8. Support local businesses whenever possible, including our printing companies in Central Oregon.
  9. Purchase organic ingredients whenever possible.
  10. Responsibly source from farmers, growers and wildcrafters with the same super high standards we employ on our farms.
  11. Microscopic assessment and macroscopic anaylsis as testing methods produces less waste than other tests.
  12. Work-from-home allows some employees to get more done with a smaller footprint. And nets fewer take out containers in the garbage.
  13. Biodynamic farming is the oldest, purest and most sustainable form of farming. 

There’s always room to do it better with less impact. We never stop looking, asking and experimenting.


United by a Shared Belief.

Is it the air? The water? The luscious, life-giving soil?

We believe that as residents on this beautiful planet we have a responsibility to ensure that there is healthy soil, Non-GMO seeds and water for generations to come.

So, when we moved our headquarters to a new larger facility in Redmond, Oregon where we could all spread out a little more, it seemed only natural for many staff members to pick up and move with the company. Even if that meant selling the house and uprooting the family.

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Oregon's Wild Harvest Amy Brown, Marketing Director

Giving back. We love these guys.

There are so many organizations and causes out there doing amazing work. It’s hard to choose. So, we make charitable donations as well as donating herbal supplements and volunteering our time. Meet the nonprofits, associations, partners and academic organizations we love and support. The earth is indeed a better place because of them.

  1. American Botanical Council
  2. American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)
  3. American Herbalist Guild
  4. Climate Collaborative
  5. Bastyr University
  6. Demeter USA
  7. Oregon Tilth
  8. Organic Consumers Association
  9. Organic Seed Alliance
  10. Physicians for Social Responsibility
  11. Provender Alliance
  12. Rodale Institute
  13. Salmon Safe
  14. United Plant Savers

The National University of Naturopathic Medicine (NUNM) (formerly the National College of Naturopathic Medicine) in particular does so much for people throughout the Oregon community. So, we support them with in-kind donations of certified organic bulk herbs, herbal supplements and more so that NUNM can help support the following outreach clinics:

  1. Outside-In Clinic
  2. InAct
  3. Portland Alternative Health Clinic
  4. The Neighborhood Health Center
  5. Bastyr's Center for Natural Health and Immune Well Clinic
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