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We look at the world from the ground up.

We're all so inter-connected it's mind-boggling.

Clean soil, loads of nutrients, fresh water and clean air help plants thrive in much the same way we do.

Good nutrients, fresh water and clean air help us thrive in much the same way as plants do.

In fact, our molecular structure is not so different from soil. In the face of poor diet and disease, we both wither. Indeed, while we look nothing like our soil and plant counterparts we are equally dependent on clean air, pure water and healthy organic nutrients for our health. Which is why we became a Demeter® Certified Biodynamic® farm in 2009. This holistic, self-sustaining form of farming goes above and beyond organic in terms of improving soil fertility and producing healthy plants. And that means better plant material and superior herbal supplements.   

Oregon's Wild Harvest Organic, Biodynamic Ginkgo leaf

Certified Organic Since 1994.

Growing and consuming certified organic herbs makes sense on so many levels. They’re better for you and the planet.

Here’s why. The certified organic products you buy were grown without harmful pesticides or chemicals. They have never been genetically altered in any way. They’re Non-GMO, naturally. And the farming process brings more of the plant’s beneficial properties and compounds to you. Plus, organic farming nurtures soil, sustains clean water, slows erosion and supports wildlife. What’s not to love?

Our Certified Organic guarantee.

Earning and maintaining certified organic status isn’t easy. Oregon Tilth, a recognized third party certifier inspects our farms and the production facility annually. The FDA enjoys dropping by for a surprise visit. But we’re always ready and honored to consistently meet their rigorous expectations.

Oregon's Wild Harvest Certified Organic Since 1994




Working towards vertical integration from the start.

Growing and consuming Non-GMO, certified organic herbs makes sense on so many levels. They’re better for you and the planet. This is why we strive to be vertically integrated, growing and manufacturing everything ourselves!  However, that’s easier said than done. It’s taken 24 years, but we’re getting close.  

We've been digging our own trail on a mission for clean soil and clean water which has sent us on a quest for farmland all over Oregon.  100% clean is not only necessary, it’s essential to our future.  This is where we've been, and where we've landed today:

  1. 1992 – 5 acres in Troutdale, OR
  2. 1994 – 17 acres in Sandy, OR
  3. 1996 – 30 additional acres in Sandy, OR, taking us to 47 acres
  4. 2012 – 137 acres in Culver, OR
  5. 2013 – 143 acres in Culver, OR
  6. 2014 – 103 acres in Sheridan, OR

Oregon's Wild Harvest Vertical Integration

We cherish the seeds of dreams.

We save seeds. Share seeds. And replant seeds. What goes around comes around. Just like the planet. Today’s seeds are tomorrow’s healthy plants. It’s the circle of life that keeps us going. We save seeds at the end of the season to replant at the beginning of the next.  It's part of our mission and our responsibility. 

The seeds collected today will be the source of future medicinal plants, used by our children and grandchildren.  We strive to grow and replant many endangered species, too, including American Ginseng, Black Cohosh, Goldenseal and Echinacea angustifolia. 

Goldenseal. Endangered everywhere but on our farm.

If a plant is endangered we make every effort to grow it ourselves, using our rigorous organic and biodynamic principles. Or, we find a responsible resource to harvest in the wild.

Take our organic Goldenseal.  Most of it comes right off our farm where it thrives. This plant is endangered in the wild because it's over-harvested. So, we grow it on our farm.

American Ginseng is purchased from a sustainable wild source while we work to nurture our own organic crop. It takes 3-5 years to turn plants like Goldenseal & American Ginseng. It’s a huge investment in time and farmland. But we believe it’s worth it to ensure these plants don’t disappear forever. 

Oregon's Wild Harvest Organic, Biodynamic Astragalus seed pods


"Organic and biodynamic practices involve time-consuming, hard work.  But it's worth it.  

You can see it, smell it and experience it in everything we make."

-Randy Buresh, Co-Founder, Oregon's Wild Harvest


Oregon's Wild Harvest Organic, Biodynamic Echinacea Fields



It's not a "One size fits all" when it comes to the world's climates.

With so many different ecosystems, it’s no wonder there are 1000’s of medicinal plants for all types of health conditions.  Sure, our goal is to grow everything ourselves.  But, that’s just not possible.  All plants naturally grow, and must survive, in their native environment to support the people and the animals that live there.  What we can’t grow in Oregon, we responsibly source from the finest organic plant material suppliers. People we know and trust, from all around the world.

For example:

The Pacific Northwest = Cool, damp and dark conditions.  Native herbs are Devil's Club, Oregon Grape and Red Cedar.

The Desert = Dry, hot and sunny conditions.  Native herbs are Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Juniper, Yerba Mansa and Yucca.

High Elevations = Extreme cold, harsh conditions and short growing seasons.  Native herbs are Maca and Rhodiola.

Tropical = Wet, hot and sunny conditions.  Native herbs are Cinnamon, Ginger, Kava and Turmeric.

Oregon's Wild Harvest Herb Map

Responsibly Sourced.  Quality guaranteed.

Sure, we’d love to be able to grow everything we manufacture right here in Oregon. But that’s simply not possible. Some plants, like Schisandra berry or Rhodiola root, thrive in the thin air of the Andes mountains or Siberia’s harsh climate, or Fiji’s hot humidity. So, we scour the planet in search of the highest quality organic plant material.  Then we handcraft those precious herbs into pure, potent herbal supplements.  

Pure, clean and authentic.

Keep in mind it takes a lot to become one of our herbal supplements. Everything undergoes rigorous testing before becoming capsules or extracts. Each and every one of our bottled products features a Certificate of Authenticity with the country of origin listed.  For more about our Quality Control best testing practices and tests performed, please see our Proof Positive Testing page.

Oregon's Wild Harvest Organic, Biodynamic Holy Basil

Wild-crafting.  Harvesting herbs with love, in the wild.

Some of our herbs can only be found in the wild. We follow strict guidelines to ensure harvesting takes place with future generations in mind.

Responsible guidelines for wildcrafting

  1. Never harvest more than one-third of a specific plant in any one eco system
  2. Re-plant seeds and root crowns, always leaving the grandfather and grandmother plants, providing the best seed stock for future generations
  3. Always harvest in areas that are free of any possible pollutants
  4. Stay well away from roads and commercial farming areas
  5. Always obtain proper permits to harvest, working closely with the Department of Natural Resources

Oregon's Wild Harvest Wildcrafted Herbs

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