About Us

About Us

Life throws you curveballs.

Let's look at the big picture.

Since the beginning of our time on this beautiful planet, life has been stressful.  Throughout history one simple, holistic and all natural way of addressing our health and wellness has remained constant. Whole herbs. Which is why we're committed to ensuring that our whole herbal supplements are of the highest quality, potency and purity. In fact, every single one of the more than 200 pure, safe and effective certified organic and biodynamic herbal products we make come from whole herbs.  And they're scientifically tested on many different levels. Which is good news for your health and the planet.

 Oregon's Wild Harvest Demeter Certified, USDA Organic, Oregon Tilth Certified, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free

Oregon's Wild Harvest HandsOn Approach

Striking the perfect balance in life and business since the early '90s.

In 1992, we had a dream - to naturally heal the body and the earth.  By 1994, the combination of Randy’s herbal expertise and Pam’s business savvy had created the right kind of balance at Oregon’s Wild Harvest.

Randy’s background as a registered surgical nurse for over 20 years piqued his interest in traditional herbal medicine. A compassionate caregiver and farmer by nature, he was always in search of less invasive treatments for health conditions. Since Randy had an opportunity to work on his uncle’s farm as a teenager, the idea of stewarding the land by growing and procuring herbs was a perfect segue into starting an herbal supplement business.

As co-founder, Pam put her energy into gaining extensive experience in the herbal products industry. She was determined to do things right from the very beginning. Ensuring the highest level of integrity in plant material wasn’t just a good idea it was a moral imperative for the couple.

Shortly after starting the business, a trip to Mexico threatened to derail the couple’s dreams, when Pam became deathly ill from an unknown toxin. Doctors, specialists, naturopaths and even the acupuncturist were stumped. Randy used his expertise in traditional herbal medicine to also search for a way to treat her mysterious illness.

After three long months of Chinese herbs and homemade organic herbal remedies, Pam was on the mend. This near-death experience made Pam and Randy more determined than ever to ensure that Oregon’s Wild Harvest products would always be of the highest quality, purity and integrity.

Growing and procuring the best plant material, saving Non-GMO seeds for the future and caring for the land to ensure healthy plant material is available today, tomorrow and for generations to come are the only laurels Pam and Randy will rest on. They’re too busy getting their hands dirty with the rest of their crew to sit anywhere for very long.

Oregon's Wild Harvest Co-Founders Pam Martin-Buresh and Randy Buresh


"It's about making sure there's a rich and reliable source of quality plant material for the future.  It's for our kids and grandkids.  By reconnecting with the earth, we'll regain the understanding that good food is our best medicine." - Randy Buresh, Co-Founder

We believe in a hands-on approach to life and business.

In our world, nurturing creates balance. Maintaining good health in all living things is the balance we strive for.  To do this, we work with Mother Nature by:

  1. Setting aside more than 10% of our farmland for our natural pollinators.
  2. Practicing organic and Biodynamic farming methods - which help balance the air and soil by drawing carbon from the atmosphere.
  3. Using clean and renewable energy sources.

We are a family-run business.  The journey of becoming an Oregon’s Wild Harvest whole, pure and certified organic supplement is not an easy one.  And that’s totally fine with us.  But, how do we do it all?  We stick close to our original mission - to love and respect the land, water, air and each other.  To leave the world in a better state than we found it.

Oregon's Wild Harvest Co-Founder Randy Buresh and son Adam Buresh


Oregon's Wild Harvest Our Roots - Adam Buresh

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