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The Customer Service, Sales and Creative Team

Working in Customer Service is one of the most rewarding jobs at Oregon's Wild Harvest.  Just think of all the people who call in everyday sharing stories of personal experience, teaching us new things and feeling good about placing their order for a product they trust.  Plus, our Customer Service team is top notch in handling all of your requests with a smile.

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Oregon's Wild Harvest Amy Brown, Marketing Director


Mike Goeman  National Sales Manager Since 1998

Ruta Wells  Customer Service Administrator Since 2005

Dylan Elmer  Office Manager & Sales Support Since 2012

Angel Aylsworth  Customer Service Since 2018

Daniel Alderete  Customer Service Since 2016

Corri Kauffman  Customer Service Since 2016

Brittany Goeman  NW Sales Representative Since 2012

Valery "Val" McBride  Web & Product Administrator Since 1999

Amelia "Amy" Brown  Marketing Director Since 2016



The Office Staff

They are the problem solvers, analysts, consultants and creative genius behind the financial stability of Oregon's Wild Harvest. Plus, they're just nice people.


Oregon's Wild Harvest Corri Kaufman, Customer Service


Derek Samsom  Controller & Cost Accountant Since 2015

Susan Sundin  Accounts Payable Since 1998

Leigh Juslen  Accounts Receivable Since 2016

Wendy Brinkley  Human Resources Since 2018

Joshua "Josh" Linam  Purchasing Manager Since 2017

Lisa Ziomkowski  Sage X3 Administrator Since 2009

Shane Ketterman  IT Specialist Since 2007



The Quality Control Team

The quality and purity of our products are backed by our scientifically trained staff with specialties in chemistry, biology, botany, food science and pharmacognosy.   Everything we do to optimize identity, purity and potency is assessed on a national level. Our team is well versed in every aspect of the rigorous process necessary to ensure that what we put in our herbal products is 100% pure, natural and true to the genus and species. So, what the label says is exactly what’s in each product. Always.

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Oregon's Wild Harvest Matthew Creswell, Quality Control


Matthew Creswell  Quality Assurance Director Since 2004

Darrah Ricard Quality Control Laboratory Supervisor since 2018

Janis McFerrin  Senior Lab Analyst Since 2012

Natasha Cerruti  Microbiologist Since 2017

Charles "Chris" Parker  Quality Control Supervisor Since 2016

Kelaiah Watson  Quality Control Technician Since 2015

Lesa Maxwell  Quality Control Technician Since 2018

Jake Sausville  Standard Operating Process (SOP) Director Since 2018


Joanne Roberts  Research & Development  Since 1999

Amala Soumyanath  Research Consultant Since 2003

Tess Gunnels  Research Intern Since 2017



The Product & Manufacturing Team

These are the cleanest people in the whole place!  Their job is to deliver the best quality supplements, in the cleanest, purest form.  It's a job they take very seriously.

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Oregon's Wild Harvest Nate Couture


Nate Couture  Production Manager Since 1999

Daniel Trejo-Tellez  Production Supervisor Since 2003

Ryan Peterson  Pharmacy & Weigh Technician Since 2017

Gabriella Diaz  Production Since 2014

Hortensia Chavez-Haro  Production Since 2015

Dean Rawls  Production Since 2016

Jeannie French  Packaging Since 2014


Kathleene "Katie" Winslow  Production Since 2014

Daniel Rivera  Production Since 2016

Maria Rangel-Cordova  Production Since 2015

Claudia Alarcon  Production Since 2017

Chelan Cobiskey  Production Since 2017

Hector Guzman, Jr.  Production Since 2017

Cassie Becker  Production Since 2018

Jonathon Simonsen  Production Since 2018

Joseph "Joe" Stafford  Custodian Since 2017




Ever wonder who the last person is that touches the bottle before it's shipped out the door?  Well, here they are.  Our Shipping department is busy from open to close sending 100's of packages daily.  That's 1000's of bottles.  And, 100,000's of capsules.

Oregon's Wild Harvest Eli Nourse, Shipping


Eli Nourse  Warehouse Manager, Shipping & Receiving Since 2014

James "Jim" Gullett  Warehouse Associate Since 2016

Maria Sandoval  Warehouse & Shipping Since 2014

Cassie  Warehouse & Shipping Since 2018

Chris  Warehouse & Shipping Since 2018

Tanya Williams  Receiving Inspector & Shipping Since 2017

Ryan Winslow  Shipping Associate Since 2018

Vincent Scovell  Custodian Since 2016



The Farm Crew

From dawn 'til dusk the farm is alive and breathing.  So is the farm staff.  They work year-round to bring us the freshest, purest plant material straight from the ground to our manufacturing facility right down the street.  Although it's hard work, we think they have the best office view.

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Oregon's Wild Harvest Farm Staff


Adam Buresh  Farm Manager Since 2002

Anna Reinicke Assistant Farm Manager Since 2017

Mike Morris  Maintenance & Farm Since 2010

Ora Turbyfill  Maintenance & Farm Since 2014

Ziola Osorio  Farm Associate Since 2015

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