Everywhere you turn we're following strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

What guarantees quality?  Rules.

From the soil to the lab we maintain the highest standards. The result?  Quality herbal products as expected.

Our GMPs include, but are not limited to:


  1. Targeted training on how to maintain allergen control.
  2. Detailed cleaning and sanitation procedures.
  3. Safety in receiving ingredients without contaminating them.
  4. Tips for monitoring employees, management and suppliers throughout the whole process.


  1. Periodic inspections of facility by our certifiers.
  2. Periodic audits of our raw material suppliers either in-house or by third-party firms.


  1. Signed logs for training activities.
  2. Clearly detailed raw material handling policies and procedures available on all products.
  3. Sanitation logs signed off each time cleaning occurs.
  4. Daily receiving logs and records written then entered into the computer for a positive double-check.


  1. An employee commitment to follow these standards within the daily operations.
  2. Established accountability for each person in each department.
  3. Guarantee of purity through testing (i.e., swabs, organoleptic evaluations, and bioluminescence tests).

Please visit for more information on the current GMPs.


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