We're in full control of our plant material

Oregon's Wild Harvest responds to the recent story on Frontline.

Redmond, OR - February 23, 2016

Dear Friends,

Last month, the PBS program Frontline presented the supplement industry as inherently unsafe by misrepresenting the rigorous safety provisions established under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act, and the strict liability statute under which supplements are regulated. We stand by our practices and with the leadership of the American Herbal Products Association in our belief that this coverage was a misleading portrait of our industry. They took a few examples of companies where there was adulteration and projected that onto the whole industry. 

We wanted to take this opportunity to make sure you are familiar with our seed to bottle process, which allows us maximum control over the identity, quality, potency and safety of all of our ingredients and end products, all for the safety of our customers. 

At Oregon’s Wild Harvest, we have full control of the plant material, from the time it enters our building, to the finished product and to the store shelf:

  1. We do all of our own testing, evaluation and manufacturing in Redmond, Oregon. We do not use contract manufacturers, and only use contract labs when we want to verify results or want a second opinion.
  2. We follow current FDA Good Manufacturing Practices in receiving, manufacturing, packaging and labeling of all of our products. These standards are more stringent than those for the food industry and have been long-established at Oregon’s Wild Harvest.
  3. We grow many of our ingredients ourselves using USDA Organic and Demeter® Certified Biodynamic farming and manufacturing practices.
  4. In our on-site labs, our team of chemists, biologists and food scientists use several techniques and tests for authentication of ingredients before they ever go into our products. We carefully document the testing that we do to verify the identity or every single lot of ingredients that we use. The authentication results are compared to those of validated reference standards in order to ensure proper identification.
  5. Numerous state-of-the-art analytical testing methods are used in our labs, including: Microscopic Analysis, High Performance Liquid Chromatography and FT-IR spectrometer. We also test for heavy metals using a Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.
  6. We have a full, on-site micro lab where test for E. coli, Salmonella, yeast, mold and aerobic plate count. Here, we also test for aflatoxin, a fungal toxin that can contaminate crops during production, harvest, storage or processing.
  7. Our manufacturing facility is inspected regularly by the FDA, Oregon Department of Agriculture, Demeter and Oregon Tilth. We have passed every third-party inspection.

Our expectations of ourselves as a company dedicated to the health and wellness of people and the planet exceeds all current forms of regulation. You can be assured that maintaining the highest standards with our quality assurance practices is and always will be our highest priority.

We are concerned about the impact and doubt this misleading journalism will cast on the industry and wanted to also express our commitment to transparency. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you,


Pam Martin-Buresh & Randy Buresh, R.N.

Co-founders, Oregon’s Wild Harvest

(800) 316-6869

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