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Oregon's Wild Harvest currently offers hundreds of different products in stores across the nation and online here. These products include herbal supplements made with NP vegetarian capsules, which are gluten-free, GMO-Free and artificial additive-free (includes specialty blends that are condition specific). Our entire line also includes bulk (whole, cut and sift, and powder) herbs, culinary herbs and spices, herbal extracts (some alcohol-free), herbal teas, herb oils, topical herb applications (oils and salves) and specialized (alcohol-free) formulas for children, men and women.

We support diverse local economies, so we encourage our customers to support their local health food stores.  To locate a store near you, please enter your state or zip code below, and we'll direct you to the nearest location.  Remember, not all locations carry a complete line of our products, so please call ahead to make sure they have the product you are looking for.

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