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 "It is all about nourishing the humanity in each of us. The entire team at Oregon's Wild Harvest, take great pride in delivering a phenomenally high quality line of herbal products. Yet, they add a special level of caring and heart that is so rare in today's world. I have seen the OWH team go beyond the extra mile to make sure my patients get what they need and countless patients of mine have shared with me that the level of caring and compassion has helped them on their healing journey. As one patient said so perfectly: "You can feel the passion and care that goes into their herbal medicine, and each time I place an order I feel better just having called."  - Dr. Chris D. Meletis, International Author, Lecturer and Naturopathic Physician, Portland, OR

Comfrey poultice for sprains, cuts and bruises

Unfortunately, I had to make another poultice recently due to a twisted ankle. Once again, the magic of comfrey restored my ankle to a condition that allowed me to walk and even work out within a few days. (I say once again as it helped with a pulled muscle last year).

Comfrey's success as a healing agent is due to allantoin-a substance that speeds the production of new cells and facilitates healing. I was very lucky perhaps and I urge you to seek medical advice rather than just rely on my poultice recipe since all bodies and injuries are different. I followed the R-I-C-E procedure for the first two rounds,and then prepared the paste for the poultice, which I applied and left on overnight.

You will need:

  • ½ cup of dried Comfrey root
  • Boiled water to cover comfrey
  • Gauze
  • Bandage


  1. Cover the Comfrey with the previously boiled water. The water should be just off the boil point- wait approximately 3 minutes after boiling.
  2. Let the Comfrey steep for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally
  3. Place the entire mixture into a blender
  4. Grind or blend away at the Comfrey and water until a paste is formed.
  5. Spread the paste thickly onto the gauze. For open wounds: such as a bite or gash, place a fresh gauze pad between the wound and the poultice paste so as not to introduce debris into the wound.
  6. For a scrape or scratch, direct introduction of the Comfrey should be fine.)
  7. Wrap with the bandaging material securely around the gauze pad.
  8. Secure with a safety pin or other sturdy fastening, and leave in place until the poultice has dried out, or overnight.